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This page is being brought to you by the thttpd web server, a small, secure web server running on a Debian (Slink) powered PC in a cellar somewhere along the Roslindale & West Dennis Railway. You figure it out!

the thttpd web server

Any web server named after a rude noise made by a defunct cartoon cat must be virtuous.

It is and it's also a bit of fun, but it's quite a bit persnickety, in its own way. I've got doing SSI properly again, sort of, after a few years of neglect and disinterest (on my part.) While the Debian release is quite old, this is the current (as of 2010) thttpd release.


thttpd Home Page
You can find source, documentation, and configuration help here
Acme Labs Home Page
There are some more utilities at the Acme Labs home page including what is possibly the smallest web server around, micro_httpd, which is all of 150 lines of code! There's also lots of nice free stuff, like generators for labels, stickers, pink hearts, etc. Jef Poskanzer knows what the web was supposed to be all about. Fun.

capability examples

Link to an unprocessed SSI page
Link to a processed page
Index example

thttpd also does redirects, but that's not very exciting to demonstrate, because you can't really see it. And besides, I can't quite get it to work...


You can reach me via e-mail as rgm at fabbnet.net.

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